Poppin Up in the Bay

The sun has just peaked above the roof tops, but the kitchen is already alive with sounds of spices being crushed with a stone pestle; the aromas and fresh herbs so potent, but each still pronounced its own charactor. A wood charcoal grill has just been lit and I see my grandma fanning the flames to bring it to a steady fire. I would listen to stories she would tell me while cooking away food for the day and can never get enough. There is such great love in cooking and a faithfulness in never failing to miss a step. Whenever I feel warmth, love, and wholesome is when I think of these moments when everything just simply feels good and it settles my heart so calmly.


Trilogi SF is the result of my grandma’s stories and how she inspires me with such love. It starts with fresh ingredients that are crafted with love to make each dish so perfectly well rounded. Trilogi SF is about the harmony and balance of flavors; stories we inspire to live and tell. Trilogi SF is simple food at its best, made with great love and care, and inspired by the many collected stories of traveling the world.


Vivien Li


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Food Inspired Stories
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